Dr. Cigal Shaham moved from Roxbury Pediatrics to Miracle Mile Pediatrics on May 22, 2017. This move allowed Dr. Shaham to take many more insurance plans than at her old practice (see FAQ) and to be on call to her patients directly after hours (that means if you have an urgent question in the evening or on a weekend, you can reach Dr. Shaham and not go through a nurse line or another doctor), while still providing quality, evidence based medicine and preventative health services.

Dr. Shaham’s philosophy:

I love being a pediatrician! As a mother myself, I believe that understanding parenting and families first-hand allows me to form meaningful relationships with families, and treat my patients like my own children. Watching kids grow and develop into their potential is very rewarding, and I am so lucky that parents choose me to be a part of their kids’ lives.

My job as a pediatrician is to help kids and parents reach that potential by optimizing wellness, avoiding problems, and screening for issues that can and should be stopped early. I work with parents and kids on managing behavioral challenges, optimizing school readiness and performance, nutrition, and safety.  Being a parent is challenging these days.

The internet provides lots of helpful information. Sometimes it is so much information that parents feel confused. Let me help. I work with parents to make parenting easier, not harder. I practice evidence-based medicine and follow established recommendations, but not every illness needs a test or a medication. I believe that sometimes medication is important, but so is diet, mental health, exercise and life balance. By taking more time, I can give each patient the care they need to help them meet their full potential.